My Family

The Gonzalez Family

This is my wonderful husband Chris, and two awesome daughters Chynna(18) and Samantha(14). This picture was taken in October 2007, so I think it is high time we get some new ones done.

I am truly ❤ Blessed ❤ to have this bunch in my life. Some days they make me laugh, and some days they try my patience, and some days I am in complete awe as I look at each one of them.

Soon Chynna will be off at college, Sami will discover ‘true love’ and soon she’ll be driving, and then college. I am sure one day I will look back, and wonder when they grew up, and think of the moment when I held each one in my arms for the first time and counted each finger and toe, snuggled them close to my chest as I breathed in their new scent.