Reservations and Payments

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Please note that at this time we are only accepting new clients in Allen Texas
– zip codes 75002 and 75013.

* OUTDOOR DOGS : We do not service any dogs that live or stay outdoors FULL TIME. With the extreme temperatures in Texas, dangers of Bobcats and Coyotes, someone opening the gate and letting them out, or they dig under the fence to escape. We would just feel more comfortable with your dog(s) indoors.

The exception to your outdoor dog(s)  :

  • Your dog stays outdoors with reasonable temperatures during the day and we bring them in during the evening or during any extreme temperatures.
  • Your dog has access to the outdoors through a doggy door.
  • Your dog has adequate living arrangements with us having access into your home (in case of any emergencies) to bring them in.

* OUTDOOR CATS : If your cat(s) is out full time, we will continue their care. We will not be responsible if they do not return, or get harmed in any way. We will do our best to make sure they are safe.

–>> At this time we will not allow cats to be let out during our visit. While you are gone, the cat(s) will stay inside until you return home. No matter if they are fussing at us!

* EVERY OTHER DAY VISITS : We no longer accept any reservations where pets receive visits every other day or every few days. We will require at least 1 visit (within a 24hour period) a day for cats. We will require at least 1 visit a day for dogs that have access to the yard through a doggy door. We will require 2 visits a day for dogs without access to the yard through a dog door. There are multiple reasons why and many dangers with leaving your pets alone for over 24 hours.



  • Check payable to Nanny D’s Pawsitive Pet Care
  • Cash in full amount
  • PayPal Online or APP

* TIPS are always welcomed. Your personal Pet Sitter receives 100% Gratuity.

Please make sure your pets are All Up To Date on their Rabies vaccination.
We will need one key in the office, and one for your sitter.
Payment is due upfront or should be left for your sitter on their first visit.
Any returned check will result in a $30 company charge.
Any unpaid balances after 30 days could result in extra charges.
Any unpaid balances after 60 days could result in using a collection agency.

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