Questions and Answers

Over time we have had a number of new and existing clients ask questions, so we have decided to collect them all and post answers here.

Q: How do I pay you for your services?
A: Once you schedule a visit(s), we will give you a total, and you can leave a check or cash in a convenient location along with any meds, and additional notes. Sitter will leave a receipt on the last visit. We now accept PayPal. At this time we do not accept any credit cards.

Q: If my pet(s) has an accident, do you clean it up?
A: Yes, if your pet has an accident during our care, we will do our best to clean it up, on all types of floors with any cleaning products available to us.

Q: I have an exotic pet, what pets do you generally care for?
A: We have many different pets in our care, mostly cats, dogs, fish, small critters, birds, turtle and a lizard. At this time we are unable to care for farm animals, horses or rare exotic pets.

Q: If I have a family emergency, and call last-minute, will you be available to look after my pet(s)?
A: Yes, in most cases, if you call within an hour or two of the time you would need a visit, we will try our best to accommodate a visit time. If your personal pet sitter cannot at that time, we will send a backup sitter, until your sitter can get there for the next scheduled visit.

Q: How many times a day would you check on my pet(s)?
A: Each pet has different needs, some may only need one visit (cat or a dog with a doggy door), and some may need 3 visits a day. Once we figure their needs, we will make up a personalized schedule for them. Most times we schedule visits in 12 hour intervals.

Q: My pet(s) can be somewhat aggressive at times, what happens if they bite or scratch you?
A: If the scratch or bite is serious and needs medical attention, we will follow all liability procedures. If for any reason we would need to remove your pet from your home for the safety of the pet sitter, you will be notified and choose where to place your pet. If you or your choice is not available, your sitter will find an alternative location until you or your choice becomes available.

Q: My pet(s) has special needs, can you care for them while I am away?
A: Yes, in most cases. After meeting with you and your pet, we would know more about their specific needs. At this time, we can care for puppies, seniors, handicap, blind/deaf, and can give most medications (IE: insulin, creams, pills, and SubQ fluids).

Q: What if my pet(s) were to need an emergency vet visit while in your care?
A: We would determine the situation, call you and your recommended vet. Then take them to the vet or emergency vet/hospital if needed. If possible the sitter will stay with them until all is well. Unless the vet recommends they stay overnight, we’ll keep all communication open with all parties until your pet returns home safely.

Please make sure your pets are All Up To Date on their Rabies vaccination.
We will need one key in the office, and one for your sitter.
Payment is due upfront or should be left for your sitter on their first visit.
Any returned check will result in a $30 company charge.
Any unpaid balances after 30 days could result in extra charges.
Any unpaid balances after 60 days could result in using a collection agency.

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