Pet Sitting Information

We provide a number of services during each visit, and can be customized for each home.
Each service is 30 minutes and it includes all of the following :

Refreshing food and water, administer any medications needed, litter box clean up, collecting the mail and newspapers / flyers, open and close the window treatments, we can turn on / off lights and radios, lightly water indoor / outdoor plants, and we can set out and take up the trash / recycle bins for service !

~~ And most importantly all the TLC your pet(s) can absorb!! ~~

Normal Schedule hours are 5am – 9pm.
Morning Schedule : 5am – 9am
Midday Schedule : 10am – 2pm (We are fully BOOKED at this time.)
Afternoon Schedule : 3pm – 6pm
Evening Schedule : 7pm – 9pm
Late Night Schedule : 10pm – 11pm (alternative to overnights)
Scheduling a visit after 9pm will be an additional charge.

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All Pet Care – $18 per visit for 1-2 pets. $2 for each additional pet.
We take care of clients pets (in their homes) when they are working late at the office, away on a vacation or business trip, or visiting family for the holidays. *

Pet Related Errands – $25 hourly. Additional charges may apply.
If you are away and your pet(s) has a scheduled vet visit, need to go to a boarding facility, groomers, we will take them and can pick them up within a 5 mile radius from your home. We can also pick up pet supplies if you run out of anything while you are away. Additional charges may occur if the sitter is performing a service for an extended amount of time.

Boarding in Nanny’s Home – Not Available
At this time we do not offer any boarding in the sitters home.

Overnights in the Pets Home  – Not Available
At this time we do not offer overnights in your home, however, we can schedule a late evening visit with an extra early visit for an additional charge.

Day Care in Nanny’s Home Not available
At this time we do not offer day care in the sitters homes. They are out checking on pets daily, and are not in their own homes.

Home Check-Ins / Key Lock Out – $10 per visit.
We also offer home check-ins. If you do not own pets, or would like to take your pets with you, and you would like your home looked after. We will check on the mail, lightly water plants, alternate lights, alternate window treatments, give an overall look around the home. Ward off any intruders that would think you were not home. OR if you find yourself locked out of your home, we can run over and let you in as long as we have a key on file!

* Holiday Charges – A one time fee of $15 will be added to your invoice for any visits made during Easter weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July week/end, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving week, Christmas week, and New Years Eve/Day.

Prices are subject to change, you will be notified of any changes during your next scheduled services.

SERVICE AREA : Allen Texas – area codes 75002 and 75013

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Please make sure your pets are All Up To Date on their Rabies vaccination.
We will need one key in the office, and one for your sitter.
Payment is due upfront or should be left for your sitter on their first visit.
Any returned check will result in a $30 company charge.
Any unpaid balances after 30 days could result in extra charges.
Any unpaid balances after 60 days could result in using a collection agency.

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