Critters in Our Care

We know that your pets, whether they are a 200 pound dog or a teddy bear hamster, they are your sweet family members. Rest assure that your Personal Pet Sitter will take the best care and love them in all the right places.

Here are some of the critters we care for :

                  hamster                        ferret
Gerbils        and          Hamsters       and       Ferrets
Cage clean, refresh food and water. Give treat.

                guinea pig                               rabbit
Guinea Pigs       and       Rabbits
Cage clean, refresh food and water.

bird Birds (small) – refresh food and water.

                   lizard                        turtle, fish
Lizards        and          Turtles
Refresh food and water. Turn lights on and off.

snakeSnakes – feed, refresh water, turn lights on and off.

                              cat                 dog
Cats           and             Dogs
Feed, give water, play, meds, walks.

fish   Fish – feed and turn lights on and off.


At this time we are unable to care for farm animals, horses or rare exotic pets.

Please make sure your pets are All Up To Date on their Rabies vaccination.
We will need one key in the office, and one for your sitter.
Payment is due upfront or should be left for your sitter on their first visit.
Any returned check will result in a $30 company charge.
Any unpaid balances after 30 days could result in extra charges.
Any unpaid balances after 60 days could result in using a collection agency.

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