Nanny’s Daily Schedule

dogbookMost times, I have a pretty easy schedule. It can include a handful of dogs and a cat, mixed in with a dinner with my family.
Other days it can be as hectic as 11 dogs and 8 cats, not mixed in with a dinner with my family. In fact, that day I may not see my family at all.

I actually end my day with checking emails, sending replies, checking texts, sending replies, and rechecking my calender, and making my schedule. All just so I don’t forget a furry kid visit.

Then I put on my jammies, and crawl into bed. If my husband isn’t already asleep we may spend a few minutes gibbering on about our day, the kids, and Emma Joy. If he is asleep then he is most likely already snoring, and I have to roll him over. Of course this is the night, that I have to get up at 4am. But, in short of smothering him with a pillow, I power through it.

I fall asleep while my mind is racing about the next day. Do I have all my keys, do I have alarm codes, did I remember to put fresh water down, move the trash bins … the loud noise of the alarm goes off, right at 5am. I crawl out of bed, find my laid out clothes, run a brush through my hair, and one on my teeth – hoping to get the right ones to the right place. I, by the way, do this all by a night light, as to not wake up the rest of the family. Emma will sometimes get up with me, get a drink of water, checks on the girls, and goes back to bed with husband.

I grab that schedule I made, make some water, and head out to the first visit. I hope that today goes by smoothly, that everyone eats, no accidents, and I have the happy energy to spread my love, hugs and belly rubs to each and every furry kid. By the time I realize my tummy is growling, it is already noon. Then I think back to yesterday, did I even eat dinner? Ugh, I know I should make a lunch bag, but who wants to at 4am? Do I stop for more fast food, do I have a minute to run in for a cold sandwich? Have I even checked on husband? My kids? Crap, I know there is something I forgot! Then my phone makes the normal sound of receiving a text – from a client. Oooh yeah!

Between getting about 4-5 hours of sleep, maybe a shower, just now getting something to eat, making my rounds, I totally forgot to check in with the clients. I know, they all know, that even if I didn’t check in, their furry kids are ok. But I promised them that check in. So while I find a stopping place, I eat whatever crapola I found to shush that growling tummy. I return texts, emails, and phone calls. All is good and lots of happy furry kids. Then I set out on the afternoon rounds. These are the same furry kids that I have had every day for many years. These are the furry kids that never seem to get tired of me and my big loud happy hellos.

Sometimes at this point, I will head home, or mark a few things off the ‘ol nasty “To Do” list, that neeever seems to get shorter. Grocery Store, Home Improvement Store, Bank, Office Store .. you get the idea.

If, I head home, it’s right about the time my oldest is getting ready to head to work, I get to find out a little bit about her day. She gibbers on, and I listen and soak it all in. Who knows when this little memory will one day become a faded one. Then once she is gone, I can then sit at my desk and catch up on any emails, calls and vms that came in through out the day. Some Facebook time, webpage clean up, and some snuggle time with Emma Joy. Then the youngest comes in. She has some stories to tell, and her facial expressions are priceless, they mimic her stories. At this point it has been 12 hours, and I am trying my best to not nod off as she is talking.

It’s now time to start dinner rounds, and then soon bedtime rounds. Same schedule as this morning, same furry kids. When I walk into each home, they are just as happy as they were when I was there 12 hours ago! You know, I think that they were just sitting around, thinking of me, and knowing that I was coming back just as I promised! Food served, walks made, balls tossed, feather toys played with. Tummy rubs, head pats, ticked toes. I never get tired of it all.

The last furry kid visited, and everyone is snuggled in bed, it is now time for me to head home for the night – check emails, send replies, check texts, send replies, check my calendar, make my schedule … …

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