Some of my Favorite Things!

I’m headed to Anikan, Mena and Chewie’s house. Yes, their mom is a huge Star Wars fan!

I walk in and see Mena and then Chewie peeks around the corner. No Ani, because some days he has trouble coming down the stairs.

I say good morning to Chewie and Mena and pass my kisses around. Mena always has this adoring look on her face and Chewie is just begging for me to pick him up and cradle him like a baby. One of my favorite things.

I tell them “come on let’s go upstairs and see Ani”. Chewie follows and knows its treat time when Ani gets his meds. Mena doesn’t follow, but she’s never too far from the treats.

Before I make it up the stairs I hear Ani’s meow. He’s excited to see me, I know because he is in his sweet head butting pose. I waste no time returning those head butts. I pat his rear and kiss his nose. One of my favorite things.

I get the meds and treats ready. I tell Ani “lets go” and he slowly makes his way to the bathroom. And of course Chewie is right behind him. I tell Chewie he has to wait outside. He gives me a sad face. I close the door because it is easier than the other two trying to take Ani’s treats from him.

Ani puts up his usual fuss while taking his meds. All the while purring really loud. But I am no quitter. He takes them and gets a treat. One of my favorite things.

Out the corner of my eye I catch something white. But when I look it’s gone. Ani gets another treat. Again. Something white catches my eye. I look. Nothing is there.

Scratching my head I get up and wait. All of a sudden Mena’s white arm stretches out from under the door. Every time I gave Ani a treat, she wanted one. I can’t help but laugh. When she did it again I reached over and tickled her paws. She quickly pulls them back under. I laugh even more.

I open the door and both Mena and Chewie pour in. They each get some treats, head scratches and butt pats. One of my favorite things.

While Ani eats some breakfast, Chewie and Mena follow me back downstairs. They decide to swat each other on the way down. I think Chewie loves to taunt Mena and Mena tells him just how it’s going to be. One of my favorite things.

I go sit on the floor and wait for Chewie to come to me. He taunts me. Knows that I am going to grab him and cradle him. He fusses to get lose and runs. But wastes no time in coming back for more. Mena sits high on the fridge and wants her chin scratched, purring loudly. One of my favorite things.

I get ready to leave and collect my things. Chewie jumps on the bar and gives me extra love then he leaves to wait in the window to watch me go. I say my good byes and shut the door. He jumps up and swats the window, as if he’s waving good bye. One of my favorite things.

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