Monday is always an exciting day. Most people despise Mondays. They drag their feet, need more coffee, and running late.

But for me? It’s a new adventure. Even if it seems like I’ve been here before. I may not always bounce out of bed singing, but I am motivated and excited. I start a new week with the sweetest pets in the world.

Today, Mr Walter hears me come in. After I let him out of his pen, he runs to the back door first. Right on past me. Not even a hi. I’ll stand there with a pout and my hands on my hips. He will then run at me full speed. And showers me with affection. I’ll ask if he’s ready for our walk. He runs to the front door. Looks back at me to say “why aren’t you ready?”.

Out we go. He’s a good walker. And we always must stop at the poll. My thought, there’s good news, and there’s great news, I can tell by the amount of pause in his sniffs. Some days we walk a little farther, other days not so far.

Once back home we’ll hang out in the back yard. He’ll lay out and sun bathe, or we’ll play ball. Even if I have to chase him to get it.

Time for me to go, I always give him lots of love, a treat and tell him to be good until his mom and dad get home. I say until, because he’s a great big ol ball of puppy energy.

See you tomorrow Mr Walter.

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